1. Stranger than Science

    2021-04-29 00:00:26 UTC
    What would you say if told you that this life you are currently experiencing is stranger than the strangest story you’ve ever heard? Or what if I told you that the weirdest, most bizarre and unlikely things you never thought possible or even knew could exist, in fact do exist…

  2. It’s in the Seed

    2021-04-21 20:27:47 UTC
    Contrary to what you learned in your 4th grade science class, evolution is one of the most foolish lies we have been teaching our children and ourselves for decades now. Some humans have fancied our eldest ancestor to be nothing more than an ape, or perhaps even a fish! This…

  3. The Three-Fold Pattern

    2021-04-14 20:01:00 UTC
    Since the beginning of time, all of humanity has wondered what God looks like and what it means that we were made in the image of God, as first mentioned on page two in the Bible. And understandably so, seeing as there have been billions of imagers of God (humans)…

  4. God is Spirit

    2021-04-07 21:12:00 UTC
    It is one thing to externally see something with the physical eye, and it is another thing to internally see something with the spiritual eye of understanding. The former experience is that which is physically revealed to a person or a group of people at the same time, whereas the…

  5. The Reality of Human Identity

    2021-03-31 17:28:00 UTC
    Do you ever wonder who you are? Have you ever wondered where you belong These are questions I sought to answer for myself as a young adult, and for a while I was content with the world’s answers to those questions. But when my patience ran out, when my world…

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