It’s in the Seed

Contrary to what you learned in your 4th grade science class, evolution is one of the most foolish lies we have been teaching our children and ourselves for decades now. Some humans have fancied our eldest ancestor to be nothing more than an ape, or perhaps even a fish! This theory of the origin of life is absolutely ridiculous for MANY obvious reasons, but nonetheless I will oblige in explaining the Truth of our One common Ancestor.

Surprise! It’s God. Specifically, the One common Ancestor which, if we all could trace back, we would see that Person is Jesus the Messiah (the Word). All forms of life which exist upon the earth were created in Him, by Him, through Him, and for Him. And as I have previously discussed in recent posts, He created everything after Himself; that is, God was the Pattern for everything He created. According to Genesis 1, animals were created on a completely different day than humans (day 5 of creation week), while humans were created on the sixth day of the creation week. We also see in the New Testament, in 1st Corinthians 15:38-39 that God gives to each creature its OWN RESPECTIVE BODY WHICH HE DESIGNED, and to each different kind of seed HE GIVES IT ITS OWN BODY. And the very next verse explains “Not all flesh is the same: men have one kind of flesh, another for animals, another for birds, and another for fish.”

Just these verses alone proclaim that you did not nor could you ever have evolved from an ape, a fish, or a bird. But all of creation has observably proclaimed God’s Pattern throughout the ages of life on earth: a dog mates with a dog and produces another dog. A fish mates with a fish and produces another fish. A bird mates with a bird to produce another bird, and a human mates with a human to produce another human. The first animals, birds, and fish of every kind were created by God Himself on the fifth day of creation, each bearing within themselves the ability (the SEED) to reproduce more variations of its kind. No matter how much time has passed or what circumstances the creature is exposed to, you will never produce a human from a fish, an ape, or a bird, and visa versa. That is because all kinds of animals, birds, and fish were created for different purposes on a different day than humans. Humans were much more special than that.

As a sort of unique, Divine signature which God created in each of us, humans bear the likeness and image (or Pattern) of the very God Who created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them. Being made in the image of the GOD of gods is no small statement. It means that you were born with everything your body would need to function for the rest of your lifetime. It means that every cell, protein, organ, and part of your body is self-functioning and self-healing; with no excess parts and nothing to waste. Perfectly organized and equipped for the length of your lifetime, your body is a mobile, mechanical, divine miracle-machine on legs. If just one piece of you was missing, your body would not work the way it was designed to work. If your body does not work continually to maintain its balanced state of homeostasis, you will die. Because there is a small window in which Life has existed on earth throughout the generations, it is obvious that there is no way we would be here without the work God Himself. Like a lone island of oasis conducive to nurturing all kinds of life which reside thereon, earth is perfectly couched and cradled within our own solar system some 93.425 million miles from the sun. Perfect conditions for you and for me, apparently.

Just look around at the other planets within the solar system. They are unlivable. But earth was created specifically for LIFE. It is a precious and unique, temporary home which we have been given during our time this side of death. Earth is a perceivable, physical world made of many tiny, non-physical (unseen) parts. Physical matter being made up of invisible, vibrating atoms which amalgamate together, giving shape and form to that which was otherwise inconceivable. As explained in Colossians 1, everything abides in Christ: He is the Beginning and the End, the Limits and the Bounds of all that is, everything visible and everything invisible.

I have already begun explaining in previous posts how Moses built the Tabernacle of God after the three-fold Pattern which God showed him IN THE CLOUD on Mount Sinai (Exodus 24:15-18), and how this three-fold Pattern of the Tabernacle may be likened unto the physical human body (see Exodus 25:8-9, 1st Corinthians 3:16, Hebrews 10:16). I have also previously expressed how this three-fold Pattern is a reflection of the fullness of the Godhead (the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit) Himself, and how humans are likewise three-fold spirit beings (SPIRIT, SOUL, BODY). Now, it’s time to really dig deep into our One common Ancestor: Jesus Christ, the Source and Pure Substance of all that was, is, and is to come. Interestingly, the Gospel according to John begins by mirroring Genesis 1: “In the beginning was the Word (Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him not even one thing was made that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men, (John 1:1-4).”

So before Jesus was physically born of the flesh, He existed. He existed in the beginning in some form with God, being distinct from God while also being God Himself. God is Spirit (John 4:24) and in this state He is inconceiveable, incomprehensible, inscrutable and invisible. This Pure Spirit state of Yahweh (Hebrew for God) can be likened unto A CLOUD which has no conceivable shape or form, and within this Spirit is included all of its personal attributes. These attributes then unite together to form a conceivable Shape and Form which Moses perceived as the Creator God, the Great Elohim (Exodus 24:10). This cloud represents the invisible God SPIRITUALLY manifesting Himself to humans as a conceivable Pure Spirit in shape and form, yet still abiding within an unformed Spirit (it did not take all of the Pure Spirit to form this incorporeal Form of God) body. And finally, some 4,000 years later, God manifested Himself PHYSICALLY in the Person of Jesus Christ, Who created everything seen and unseen. This transmutation of Pure Spirit without shape and form into an incorporeal Shape and Form, and then later manifesting into a physical form set up a PATTERN that the entire universe testifies of and confirms.

To prove this Pattern of God (WHO WAS, IS, AND IS TO COME) has been reflected in all things forever, let us follow the conception of a human being. To begin, all physical beings were without shape and form at one time, and all of the attributes and physical characteristics that were to formulate humans were contained within the grayish-white sexual secretions (the CLOUD) of the male and female parents. Also known as genes and chromosomes, these invisible primordial substances later unite together in an orderly fashion to produce a shape and form still yet invisible to the human eye. But later, through amalgamation of the cells, the shape and form becomes visible as a tiny embryo and later a fetus and newborn infant. If you are reading this, you were conceived, produced, and manifested in this same Pattern. Not only does everyone follow this three-step Pattern of first—being without shape and form, later—in shape and form but still invisible to the naked eye, and then—in full shape and form, but as I have previously mentioned last week, every constituent cell, fiber, and tissue making up the developing human body is likewise three-fold after the three-fold Pattern of the Creator God Himself (please visit to learn more).


Men’s wisdom is foolishness and folly; I am ashamed that people are still teaching these lies to our children. The world has never recognized God, not even whenever He physically came down into creation and walked among us. In fact, they killed Him instead of receiving Him. And that is exactly what the world (especially as it relates to science and the findings of men) has done in professing the lie of evolution, and that our common ancestor is an ape or fish or whatever the most recent guess is. But from the very beginning, the Word of God has held all of the answers to life, its origin and history, its End and Beginning. But no matter how deep the darkness is, no matter how cunning the lie may be, it is nothing to be compared to the Truth that is in Christ Jesus. Jesus is the reason you are here. Because He loves you, and He created you to be a part of His story. All of the mysteries of life begin with, reside in, and end with Him.

Everything that exists, exists to point to Jesus. Always has, always will.

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