1. Dear false prophets,

    2021-03-24 15:40:33 UTC
    I see you. And so does God. All of us, all people, preach some kind of gospel. Some people preach a gospel of political correctness, and some preach social justice; while others spend their lives preaching sports and prophesying of their gods. Then there are those who teach physical wellness,…

  2. Long time, no see!

    2021-03-17 14:08:00 UTC
    “A Time for Everything,” 2021. It’s been a while that I have been stepped back from blogging, making “art” 24/7, and from media and excessive technological communication in general. In my last two years at Tech, I prayed fervently that the Lord would just give me time to rest in…


    2021-03-16 17:22:01 UTC
    I have kept silent for such a time as this. Over the next couple of days/weeks, you will be seeing posts similar to this covering a variety of current topics (listed below) as I feel called to rise and speak [Biblical] truth in light of this generation CAUTION: These words

  4. Process: Vision 2020

    2020-12-02 21:13:00 UTC
    Note: Please refer to the blog post “Vision 2020” to learn more about this event.*** Final topdown layout 3 This post is dedicated to sharing the exciting process I had in building and working on this pop-up experience! Also, I’d like everyone to meet my boyfriend, Devin. Devin also happens…

  5. Vision 2020

    2020-12-02 21:11:00 UTC
    Video recap: @carpemomentumnow Website: CLF (Christian Life Fellowship) recently celebrated Vision 2020, an eventful weekend of thanksgiving, fellowship and worship in order to remember the good works which the Lord has done over the years at King’s Camp. What began as a tiny seed planted in 1986, has grown…

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