Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I have created a YouTube channel as an online ministry in order to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ with others by speaking truth in love to this generation. This ministry will focus on three major topics:

It is my prayer that the Lord would use me as His vessel to speak truth in these last days to His people, and that many would come to recognize Him as Lord and praise our Father in heaven.

I pray others may be greatly encouraged in their faith, and would feel strengthened to "put on the full armor of Christ, standing firm against the schemes of the devil." Ephesians 6:12

God bless you all,


Join Me in Ministry

You can donate to my work by visiting my Patreon account and becoming a Supporter, Patron, or Benefactor of the Ministry. As a one-woman show, I rely 100% on God to provide everything I need to live and continue sharing the light of Christ. There is no production or editing team, and there is no stage crew, there is just me and Jesus! With all of that being said, donations are greatly appreciated and help to keep this ministry going.

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