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"Try Not to Think" print

$30.00 USD

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Digital + analog collage created in Adobe Photoshop. This is a revamp of an older work I first produced in my graphic design imaging class Spring 2018. The phrase "try not to think" means a little something different to me now than it did when I first created this work, although the underlying meaning was there all along. "Try not to think" is an ideal I think all humans could benefit from accepting; we overthink about things way too much which often can mislead + distract us. When we just go with our gut and do the thing which has been on our hearts all along, we don't have to think. It's just who we are.

All prints for "Try Not to Think" are sold as 10 x 10 inch prints. Please email me via my contact form to special request another size in any color.

All prints made on premium quality matte photo paper and come enclosed in a protective translucent bag. Can be mailed to you or hand-delivered [within Monroe, West Monroe, and Ruston areas].

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